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Why should seniors become involved in martial arts?
• Will help slow down the effects of aging.
• For building muscle, increase muscle tone and loosen joints.
• Relief of stress and tension, increase confidence and ease depression.
• Will help improve balance, increase coordination and relieve osteoporosis.

Chris Draper - Senior's Life Magazine

Excerpts from TaeKwonDo Nation's Article "What Are The Benefits of TaeKwon Do For Adults

​What are the benefits of TaeKwondo for adults? While it does require some physical fitness, TaeKwonDo is good for adults because its enjoyable way to exercise, you are able meet other adults who enjoy TaeKwonDo and its a great chance to participate in a sport with your kids.

But even thought it may seem difficult at first, if you stay with it the benefits will far out way the initial discomfort.If you are considering starting to take TaeKwonDo Classes, here is what you first need to know.

Taekwondo for some adults may not be easy at first as you will be doing many activities that you won’t be used to. This will include stretching, kicking and punching with alot of cardio work.

According to the Martial Arts Industry Association, there are 6 million martial arts participants between the ages of 6 and 11. Despite this, Taekwondo can be learned at any age, with 3 million participants being above the age of 18, and 100,000 being 55 years old or older. The oldest person to attain their black belt in Taekwondo was actually 96 years old!

Older people have mature brains which allow them to have better patience for memorization and learning flexibility. There is no age limit to become healthy, and you are never too old to get into better shape.

Taekwondo is about setting goals and having self-discipline, which everyone, no matter young or old, can benefit from. Also, due to the light contact nature of Taekwondo, there is less of a risk for older people to be injured as compared to other Martial Arts.

Stress management
As adults the amount of factors that contribute to stress are enormous, and contribute to many illnesses. Exercise is one of the best ways to combat high stress levels. Focus and meditation are huge aspects of Taekwondo, and being able to set aside one hour, 2-4 times per week will help to eliminate your stress load.

On average, the goal of attaining a black belt in Taekwondo takes around 3½ years to achieve. By achieving something over a period of time, this gives you, as an adult, great self-confidence that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

As adults, often socialization is thrown to the back burner with the only opportunities to do so, being through your child’s school, or in a bar setting. By participating in an adult Taekwondo program, you will have the opportunity to socialize in a healthy environment and have fun.

An activity to share with your kids
If both you and your children take Taekwondo, it is a great opportunity to bond. Not only will you be able to help one another, but you can practice and stretch together at home as well, promoting a healthy lifestyle

You will have fun
Taekwondo is a sport that can also be a lot of fun. Focus on yourself, and allow it to be a time for you to relax and let loose. It is inevitable that you will make friends and have a good time while reaching for your goals.

Total Body Workout
Most martial arts consists of a cardiovascular workout that uses almost every muscle group in the body, Taekwondo is no exception. Regardless of your fitness level, your endurance, flexibility, balance, and strength will all improve by participating in Taekwondo.

Stress Relief
One aspect of martial arts is kicking, punching and screaming. Being able to release any built up anger or emotions is great for stress relief regardless of your age. In addition, martial arts has been known as a way of stress relief and meditation for 1000’s of years.

Weight Management
Due to the amount of calories burned in Taekwondo classes, you will be able to easily keep your weight down. Not only that, but it is much easier to lose weight or keep it off when exercising in a fun and motivating environment.

Learn Self-Defense Skills
Knowing how to defend oneself is extremely important. With Taekwondo, not only will you learn something new, but you will also learn useful skills that you can use to protect yourself.
Increased Concentration
Taekwondo requires you to learn and practice forms. This leads to the practice of concentration, and better control of the mind.

Increased Self-Confidence
Many adults struggle with self-confidence, and this is one of the most important benefits involved with Taekwondo. The atmosphere of Taekwondo is an atmosphere of teamwork, setting goals, positive encouragement, and respect for others.

When you feel supported in a situation that is beyond your comfort zone, your confidence becomes increased in every aspect of life. You will realize you can accomplish anything if you put hard work and effort into it.

You will naturally become more flexible as you participate in Taekwondo. This will help you avoid injury, develop balance, keep your joints healthy as well as increase blood flow. Although you may not be dropping straight into the splits any time soon, you will definitely see an increase in flexibility.

Final Thoughts
Starting Taekwondo as an adult can be daunting, but eventually will be very rewarding. What is often thought of as a child’s sport, is really a great opportunity to learn something new.

If your child also participates in Taekwondo it will be an even greater chance for you to be involved in an activity in their life. Although there are small risks involved such as light injury, the benefits greatly outweigh the risk.

"As an older person I wanted a way to move my body to improve my health. I was nervous but my granddaughter was doing Tae Kwon Do so I decided to give it a shot. Master Thomas makes it fun and makes accommodations so everyone is successful. It has helped improve my balance, flexibility and confidence." Holli
"I suffer from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. TKD has been a safe, fun way to keep my joints and muscles moving as well as build strength and balance." Lorri 48
Taking Taekwondo has been a great way for me to meet new people with similar interests. Martial arts is a great exerciseTaekwondo has helped me increase my balance, flexibility and coordination. Becoming healthier is very important to me and a better quality of life. Most important I'm taking Taekwondo with my wife my daughter and my two grandaughters. Bruce age 69