TaeKwon Do K.I.C.K.S.
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i-STRIKE (I am Self-confident, Tough, Resourceful, Intuitive, Kind and Extraordinary) is a course that teaches how to fight full force against a padded assailant during mock assaults which includes sexual assault situations.  

In a world that is often cruel and negative we often find ourselves sucked into that darkness and forgetting that we are all those things listed above and so much more. Many times in teaching self defense classes, especially to women I have to remind them that they are worth saving and protecting. That's why in my classes I not just teach the techniques needed to defend one's self but also strive to  increase their self confidence and worth so they remember who they are fighting for. You can have all the skills but need the drive and willingness to fight back too. 

These classes are specifically designed to teach either kids, women, men or a combination and address how each group is attacked and what are the best, most effective and safest techniques in different situations. Kids are attacked differently than men and women and women are attacked differently than men and kids. And of course men are attacked differently still.  Understanding these differences allows us to focus how best to fight back.  

 i-STRIKE teaches simple effective techniques using the strongest parts of our bodies to the most vulnerable parts of the assailants and designed to be used by all ages & capabilities. In addition to learning effective physical techniques your voice will become louder and more affirmative in setting verbal and physical boundaries & you’ll learn to trust your intuition. No previous martial arts experience needed.

 This class is taught by Master Kellie Thomas a 5th degree black belt and owner of TaeKwon Do KICKS. She is assisted by one of her adult male students, who wears a fully padded suit that allows the students to practice the techniques full force which allows us to add more realism to the class. 

 These classes are offered periodically throughout Addison County but can also be set up as private workshops for your business, school, family, etc. Think Team Building exercise for your business or School fundraiser (I will work with you) or Bachelorette party.

 I often think of this Winnie the Pooh quote when teaching this class "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you know". Something important to remember always.

    i-STRIKE Level 1 - This is a basic course that is open to men, women and teens and covers situations like wrist grabs, chokes, punches, bear hugs, etc.  This is taught just by Master Thomas.
    i-STRIKE Level 2 - This is just a women's and teen girl's course because we cover sexual assault situations and is team taught with a male instructor.  Participants without martial arts experience should take the Level 1 course first.

 These 4 hour workshops are open to the public and are offered throughout Addison County monthly.  They can also be designed specifically for your workplace, school, church or other groups.  Many businesses have found them to be a great team building experience.

    Non-profits can use these classes as fund raising events too, please contact us for more information.