TaeKwon Do K.I.C.K.S.
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"I have gained a lot from Tae Kwon Do
including exercise, learning to patient with
myself, discipline to keep going to reach my
goal of black belt, and helping me deal with
perfectionism. I realize now that if I am unable
to do something right the first time and every
time, it is actually okay.” - Allison (new Mom)
“We see the benefits in our 6 yr old son every day.”
- Hillary  (Mom)
“TKD has given Hans a focus and discipline
that he didn’t get in school.  He also gained self confidence. - Chris (Mom of a recent HS graduate)

In short 8 months - my overall health has benefit - my breathing is better, I ache a lot less, I'm much more flexible, my balance was never great but it's slowly getting there... my self-confidence has shot up - My grand-daughter and I have a great time. – Cheryl, proudly representing our over 50 crowd

I think it great to see all the kids come together as one and not left on the sideline because they may learn or look different, The instructors at Tae Kwon Do K.I.C.K.S. lets these kids all know that they are treated as one and they are a family that work together. They learn to help each other and have the upmost respect for each other and for themselves. And also that that they can reach any goal they want by hard work. – Priscilla 

We saw the benefits for our two children right away. For our three year old we have seen improvement in her coordination and gross motor skills. Our five year old can be shy and meek at times. Tae kwon do has given her confidence and a chance to become more aggressive and assertive. By training with our children, my wife and I guarantee ourselves two solid workouts a week, while still getting to spend time with our family. We are learning this new skill and culture together, and that brings us closer. Scott Sivo 

"We started our Tae Kwon Do journey when our now 9-year-old was just 5. Today my husband and I and five of our children participate, the 2 1/2-year-old in Kellie's special, daytime toddler classes. We value this martial art and specifically TKD KICKS, Master Thomas and our classmates for the many gifts and challenges provided to us. We feel stronger, more confident, more fit and more connected to our larger community. We feel empowered to help ourselves and others. Sometimes it is hard because the most worthwhile things in life can require hard work, but we are trying to meet those challenges together and manage to have a lot of fun in the process. I have recently begun attending Master Thomas' womens self defense classes, in addition to regular Tae Kwon Do, and have had my eyes opened to a new world of confidence and skill. I would encourage anyone who is curious to check out one of Kellie's classes. There is really something for everyone and you won't know what it's like until you try. The environment is very supportive and I find I am often mentored by some pretty amazing kids who love having a chance to share their skills with an adult learner, and I also love the opportunities I get to share my new skills with others. - Alex
Initially I started TKD as an activity to do with my granddaughters, daughter and husband, but also I wanted something to
get me up and moving again. TKD was perfect for that. The exercises and movements were perfect for what I needed. It has increased my strength, stamina and flexibility. It is ever so subtle but I can feel the changes in my body...which is a nice feeling.
There is also a progression in TKD which I like. You work on certain skills/movements at a particular level, to earn a certain belt for that level until you are proficient, then you move to the next level. There is always something to strive for which keeps the training interesting and challenging. It also allows you to move at your own pace.
Besides the physical part of TKD there is also a memory aspect. With the need to memorize TKD patterns you are always stimulating your memory....which as we know for seniors, can be a challenge.
My husband and I have started down hill skiing again after 20+ years and I know that if I had not been staking TKD I never would have felt physically capable of starting to ski again. 
For me TKD is the perfect option for becoming healthier, more active, more focused, and just allowing me to have a better quality of life, besides I get to spend time with my granddaughters, daughter and husband doing something we all like. Kathy

My daughter loves learning tae kwon do with Master Thomas. It’s given her the confidence and drive to tackle new challenges. Master Thomas is the perfect combination of firm and fun. We’ve truly enjoyed becoming part of the TKD KICKS family. Melissa Levy
My two children 7 and 5, seek different goals and Master Thomas is able to support these goals in a caring and supportive way. My daughter smiles with pride at how strong she has become. Master Thomas gives her words of encouragement and makes her feel confident in a sensitive and positive way. Master Thomas is also thoughtful of my sons age and developmental stage that he is at - at the same time helps guide his growth to advance him to the next level both mentally and physically. He has become very proud of the responsibility he has been given in learning to get to the next belt and is focused and determined to be a black belt by the time he is 7. Master Thomas is more than an instructor she is one of our safe people in life and also a friend. 


Master Thomas and her TKD KICKS program has been an amazing experience. I enrolled my daughter just around the time she turned two, hoping it would teach her some discipline while giving her a fun outlet for some of that toddler energy. TKD KICKS went above and beyond my expectations. Now 3 1/2 and a yellow belt, my daughter knows how to wait her turn, follow directions, do various kicks, punches, and blocks, and remember patterns. Master Thomas sets reasonable, achievable goals, while still pushing her students. Every time my daughter tests for a new belt, even if it's a new level of her current belt color, she's excited. In teaching the preschool class, Master Thomas perfectly balances between expecting respect and performance out of her students and allowing/understanding certain behavioral issues common in the age range (like being easily distracted or extra grumpy from a missed nap). Even in a class with a wider age range and skill level, Master Thomas masterfully sets goals and expectations appropriate to each child. 
Beyond that, Master Thomas truly supports every student, taking pride and rejoicing with them in their successes and encouraging them to keep trying through failures. With seemingly endless patience she teaches her students so much more than the fundamental moves of taekwondo. Without a doubt I will be enrolling my twin boys as soon as they're old enough in the TKD KICKS program, and I would consider taking classes myself! 

  Taking Taekwondo has been a great way for me to meet new people with similar interests. Martial arts is a great exerciseTaekwondo has helped me increase my balance, flexibility and coordination. Becoming healthier is very important to me and a better quality of life. Most important I'm taking Taekwondo with my wife my daughter and my two grandaughters. Bruce age 69